Insight from Emma 'just do it."

Emma from Dublin, Ireland shares her heart in this open 'random talking video' about her experience at Yoga Beach House during her teacher training and talk to you directly about why she came and has reassuring words if you are unsure which training to take.  

Yoga isn't regulated so can anyone can teach yoga without having a qualification?

What about the large numbers of non qualified teachers who are operating within the industry whose main goal is to make money.  These people are filling opportunities that could be given to qualified teachers who have invested their time and energy into their training. It is our responsibility as yogis and yoga teachers to protect the yoga industry. The practice of teaching yoga is not to be taken lightly. As teachers we are responsible for holding space for another human, this can only be done effectively with deep knowledge of the practice of yoga because...

8 ways to mindful ways to reduces plastic in your daily life.

Walking on the beach the other day we were really shocked at the amount of plastic that was washed up by the ocean.  It wasn't just plastic bottles but all sorts of plastic from dustbins to plastic shoes to balls.  The most worrying thing was the tiny little pieces of plastic that littered the beach, hundreds and hundreds of small pieces that fish ingest and subsequently it makes it's way into the food chain. 

Homemade Fabric Softener

We wanted to share the result of a homemade fabric softener that you can recreate easily too. Before this we struggled to find a good non toxic fabric softener that smells nice and still they came in plastic bottles and were expensive.  So here it is a very simple recipe here that you can try now using

Homemade Dishwasher Tablets

We have been getting so fed up of the dishwasher recently (exciting post huh - but bear with us), every time we used it the dishes came out covered in dried on residue from the tablet, plus it smelt bad, like it was full of chemicals. Hélène a recent teacher training graduate mentioned that we could start making dishwasher tablets at home and organically.

Introducing Essential Oils

We have used essential oils for many years now. Yet this year we have made an intention to go deeper and really invest in quality oils and study how they can be used best and what for. To see how they can be an integral part of everyday life, not just a drop of lavender oil in the bath