10 Reasons Why Our Yoga Teacher Training Course Will Lead To A Longer Life

Have you read the book “Lagom - The Nordic Guide to Living 10 Years Longer” by Dr Bertil Marklund? It is on the book shelves now at Yoga Beach House for you to read. Such a nice, easy and fascinating little book.  It describes 10 Swedish living tips to adopt and achieve a longer healthy and happier life.

During a fika (Swedish social practice, like a coffee break) Rachel and I could not help feel delighted that these practices are fully incorporated during our Yoga Teacher Training Certificate  Program.  Here is a quick overview of these tips described in the book and how you experience them during the yoga teacher training.

  1. Movement rejuvenates the body - you practice asanas at least twice a day every day
  2. Time for recovery - you take time for your body to relax in savasana and rejuvenate, you also learn to teach yin yoga and the benefits this has to our bodies
  3. Sleep - you will fall asleep listening to the ocean and sleep well for at least 7 or 8 hours per night. Not forgetting the many rejuvenating savasanas and meditations each day
  4. Sunshine - choosing to be here by the ocean with big skies during our Spring, Summer and Autumn programs means you will get big healthy doses of natural vitamin D from the sun
  5. Eat healthily - you eat well, home made,  organic, vegetarian with extra helping of love. 
  6. Drink water - you will be encouraged to drink at least 3 litres of water a day to re-hydrate and stay hydrated
  7. Keep your weight in check - you will learn and practice daily mindfulness. Focus on mindful consumption. You may find you don't need a second cake or it is better to share it during at the next 'fika' break.  
  8. Oral health - you learn about oil pulling and tongue scraping and the amazing benefits
  9. Be an optimist - you are encouraged to be joyful and learn through studying yogic philosophy and one to one coaching the benefits of living with joy.
  10. We need each other - you will learn and evolve your own spirituality. Practice acts of selfless service. You will teach yoga to the community. You will be supported beyond receiving your certificate and forever be part of the Yoga Beach House family 

When you embark on the Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Beach House you will tick off all of these  aspects and add years to your life! How great is that! So not only is it a great self care investment, you get a new profession, learn more about your joy of yoga, practice loads and evolve yourself BUT we now know -  it makes you live longer. Bring it on. 

Here’s to living 10 years younger with Yoga Beach House! Practice #lagom