4 skills to adopt from a good yoga retreat that will change your life.

A good yoga retreat is an opportunity to explore a yoga way of living, to bring tranquility and peace in your life. It is more than a holiday with daily stretching with the slight possibility to lose weight. It is a collective balance of the following 4 elements;

1. A retreat aims to energise your body and your mind, bringing you to a feeling of well-being and tranquility.  Asana classes each day to give you a basic exercises that you can continue with on your return home.

2. Learn and practice breathing techniques which can be used in times of stress to calm the mind and the body and bring back focus to your life.

3.  Daily meditation and relaxation techniques to be used in your daily life aiming to bring calmness and clarity of mind.

4. The best part. Eating delicious vegetarian meals in keeping with the yogic way of living. Often on a retreat, you maybe given the opportunity to help in the kitchen as part of optional karma yoga. A good way to learn more about vegetarian cooking.

Most importantly by choosing to immerse yourself on a yoga retreat you are caring for self and giving yourself time. How often do we give ourselves the indulgence to fully immerse in a something we love so that we can practice, learn and evolve?