5 ways to develop more abundance during Yoga Teacher Training

Abundance means to have a copious amount of something; plentifulness.  We all like to think that we live abundant lives but what if I told you that most of us are far from abundant. That actually we live in a state of lack, being unworthy, saving for a rainy day, holding back. Not realising that when we give we receive. So let us look at ways to develop more abundance and we do that during our Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga Beach House. 

I always thought I was abundant. My glass was always half full, I could see the positive in things.  I thought I gave to people.  However I had misunderstood the meaning of abundance. Abundance is understanding in the flow of the Universe, understanding that what you give out to yourself and to others or to the world, you get back again.  I found this so difficult to understand,  I lived in a constant state of worry that I didn't have enough. This manifested itself into a fear of spending money and I didn't give to people freely.  I learnt that to overcome this fear I needed to allow money to flow away from me as well as to me.  If money doesn't flow away it becomes stagnant and can't flow back.  It's like water in a river versus one in a pond.  You want your money to be a flowing river. 

So are you living abundantly right now?  Are you trusting that you are provided for, that you will always be provided for, or are you living from a space of lack, constantly telling yourself that there isn't enough? 

Let me help you to evolve your concept of abundance simply today and show you how we evolve our abundance during the Yoga Beach House 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

  1. Abundance begins with you. It begins with your own self care, practice being abundant towards yourself. Give yourself time for self care, tell yourself that there is enough time in the day for you. Taking the time and resources to complete a yoga teacher training is one of the best acts of abundance that you could do for yourself. The time and money that you invest in yourself will come back to you in so many different ways

  2. Yoga teacher training helps you to live from a state of abundance so that you never have to worry about lack again. It teaches you how to ask for what you want to receive, to be extremely clear about what you want and to believe that you will receive it

  3. During yoga teacher training you learn the importance of your own self care in relation to serving others, you learn to believe in your abilities and your own abundance so that you can continue to serve others effectively

  4. As we live more abundantly we tap into the flow of the Universe, the natural state of flow that all life on this planet adheres to

  5. A simple way to begin to live more abundantly today is to listen to the way you communicate to yourself about your resources. Do you tell yourself you have enough or do you worry about lack? If you find yourself worrying about lack then change the conversation. Start to tell yourself that you do have enough time, money, resources.

If you are hesitating about whether you have the resources to commit to yoga teacher training then make your desires crystal clear.  The Universe loves clarity. Once you commit to your desires you will be fully supported.