6 yoga poses to help runners

Yoga is great for runners and many people get in to yoga through running. The physical stretching asanas is a great for conditioning the body. So here are a few tips to help with things like tight hamstrings and hips you so that you can become a stronger and more mindful runner.  

Try this sequence before and after your run.

1) Downward Dog is the best pose for runners.  It stretches everything!  From the shoulders, the back, the hips, down to the hamstrings, the calves, the feet.  If you don't do anything more than the downward dog then that is already better than doing nothing!  The King of the poses for runners.

2)  Wide leg standing forward bend, this stretches the abductors, hamstrings, calves, lower back, sacrum, achilles tendons, ankles and inner thighs.  Adding a twist and bringing the head towards the right leg and then the left adds more of a stretch to the calves.

3) High lunge, keeping the knee off floor opens the hips, and stretches the calves and achilles tendons.  Repeat on both sides.

4) Bound ankle pose stretches the thighs and shins and opens the hips further.

5) Diamond pose stretches the soles of the feet, ankles and toes, adding Cow Face Pose Arms stretches the shoulders and chest, strengthening the arms.

6) Finally to end the sequence after a run, take a 10 minute Savasana allowing the body to return to normal, minimising risk to injury.

Happy mindful running!