7 things to consider when selecting a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Program

With the number of 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate programs increasing it is difficult to know which one to choose.  Here are a few things we put together to help and guide you before committing to a program.

Who is the lead teacher?
It is a good idea to research the lead trainer before embarking on a yoga teacher training course with them. After all you will be spending a lot of time with this person. Do they have a website you can look at?  Or social media accounts? Are they available for you to speak to if necessary to help you decide or discuss your options? Do you align with their values?  Do they demonstrate their commitment to a full yogic lifestyle?

Number of trainees accepted
How many people will be on the course with you? If you like to learn in small groups then don't apply for a course where there will be more than 30 people on the training with you. In large groups you will be less likely to have one on one time with the lead teacher. Many of the large training centres use graduates from their own programmes to assist during the training, this is fine but it is important to have a personal connection with the lead teacher. If one to one time is important to you choose a small group. Likewise if you don't want to exposed to the intimacy of a small family like group then a larger program will be better for you. 

Where is the yoga teacher training taking place?  Are there onsite facilities or will you have to travel to get to the yoga studio? Is the accommodation costs included in the fee or are they paid separately?  Many long term trainings do not include accomodation costs. Will you be sharing a room with someone or do you have the option for your own room?  Can you see yourself settling in there easily so you can focus on the training? 

Where do you want to spend your time training?  You can choose to do yoga teacher training all over the world.  So ask yourself, do you want to be in a city, by the beach, in the mountains or in the countryside?  What is important to you? Do you want to combine your training with other travels?  Bear in mind that you do not need to go to India to get an authentic experience and that often the stress involved with living in another country can reduce your ability to learn effectively. Choose somewhere that feels like home to you. Being within nature can help with grounding and learning the art of meditation. 

Are you able to see what will be covered during the course?  Most organisations will make this information clear on their website. A well rounded course should cover your own personal practice, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology and philosophy as a minimum. Feel free to ask questions about the syllabus before committing. Does it cover what you want to focus on? Is it accredited by a professional body like International Yoga Alliance? 

International Yoga Alliance
Is the course accredited by the International Yoga Alliance?  Training Centres can choose to be accredited, they don't need to do this - if they don't their syllabus has not been certified by an external professional body. This means they can they have created their own guidelines as to what they feel a yoga teacher should know. Most studios recognise the International Yoga Alliance accreditation, and you can apply to become a registered yoga teacher (RYT200) and  teach yoga throughout the world with confidence in your 200 hours certificate.

Length of the course
Nowadays you can choose to do the course over 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years.  The intensive option (3-4 weeks) is often the most transformative and productive as you live with your teachers, learn how to live a yogic lifestyle and are 100% focused on the training in a short period of time. When the training takes place over a long period of time there is less of a commitment to adopt a full lifestyle change.  However, It might be difficult for you to get 3 weeks off work or be away from your home and family and so a part-time course might be more appealing to you. Choose what suits you best. 

If you are thinking of doing your teacher training at Yoga Beach House or elsewhere and want a chat then do get in touch. It can be overwhelming with so much choice over the internet. If our course is not suitable for you we will gladly help with finding something for you that is.