8 ways to mindful ways to reduces plastic in your daily life.


During our beach clean up yesterday we were really shocked at the amount of plastic that was washed up by the ocean.  It has been the spring tide coupled with a winter Atlantic storm so the ocean vomited a huge amount of man made waste on to the shore. We collected the usual plastic bottles even dustbins, plastic shoes, balls and countless broken plastic items.  The most worrying thing was the tiny little pieces of plastic and polystyrene that littered the beach, hundreds and hundreds of small pieces that fish ingest and end up in the food chain.  Impossible to clean up before the next high tide comes in and washes it all back out in to the ocean. 

What can you do?

At Yoga Beach House we have made a huge effort to reduce the amount of plastic as well as taking bin-liners and doing regular beach clean ups. But at home there is more we can do to prevent it getting in to the seas.  It is all our responsibility. Here are some simple lifestyle changes we have adopted over the years that we would like to share with you to live more mindfully. 

  1. Ditch the bottled water.  Carry your own bottle with you and fill it from the tap.  We carry glass bottles as we don't want any harmful plastics leaking into our water
  2. Don't buy hot drinks on the go or if you really have to make sure that the drink is made in a recyclable cup or take your own cup with you.  However it's much nicer to take some time for yourself and drink your drink in the tea or coffee shop instead of getting take out
  3. Do not use plastic straws. You can buy reusable glass, bamboo or even metallic straws
  4. When shopping avoid good s that are excessively packaged and find alternatives. 
  5. Invest in a shopping bag that you really like so that you remember to take it with you when you shop, keep it in sight by the door or even in your handbag
  6. Spend time sorting out your recycling system so that it works for you and it isn't an annoyance, make sure you teach other members of your household to do it too so that they are all on board
  7. Make sure you take any tops off bottles that you are recycling and if you do have any plastic bottles to squash then into your box without the top left on
  8. Polystyrene is a killer to fish, if you do receive something that has been packaged in polystyrene make sure you dispose of it effectively. You could also check with your council to see if they do recycle it, some places do, or you could try sending it back to the deliverer in an attempt to persuade them to change their packaging!

We'd love to hear of any other ideas that you do to replace plastic in your daily life.