A poem from Louise's "incredible experience" on the Autumn 200 hour 'Yoga Teacher Training Certificate' Retreat

A month ago with mat in hand,
I arrived in Yoga Beach House thinking, it’ll be grand.
I’ll do some yoga, and learn some stuff, 
Sure haven’t I always been kinda tough?

Through lectures and laughter and sadness and tears, 
We talked about things that we’d hidden for years. 
We learnt about breathing, and the diaphragm, 
And when meditating for chakras, to say lam, vam, ham and ke-sham.

The sun it was glowing, the stars they were bright, 
And sometimes - when we rose it felt like it was night.
The autumn it came and leaves started to fall, 
We were however, connected to it all. 

There were pinchas, and handstands and grasshoppers too,
Teaching us patience to carry us through. 
There were wheels, chaturangas and up-dogs a plenty, 
And Warrior 2, there was at least twenty. 

There was time to connect and reject and take stock,
The gravitas broken by flowing to Rock. 
Journaling, gratitudes, forgiveness and more, 
Nowhere here will you find a firmly closed door. 

Playing in waves, headstanding on land,
Thanks mother nature for all of the sand.
The forest was still and provided its fruit,
Barefoot and healing with pine cones as loot.

Philosophy detail – I’ll not go into here, 
It’s knowing about how to let go of the fear. 

Kitchari and lemon and porridge cakes too, 
I wonder does anyone miss eating stew?
Chefman James he’s perfecting his smoothie game,
But eggs will alas, never quite be the same. 

Rachel shares love, and yoga devotion, 
And softens each crisis without a commotion. 
Teaching and learning and finding our voice, 
Thinking out loud well isn’t this nice. 

The community support was second to none, 
Our love for each other how brightly it shone. 

When the study was over and the tests were complete,
We didn’t really know where to place our feet. 
Emotions were high, the feeling was light, 
We were filled with sadness tinged with delight. 

It’s the end of the month and we are all going home, 
Promising to keep in contact by phone. 
Instagram pictures have captured it all, 
We are happy to know that the world is so small. 

I’m sure as you look back and try to remember, 
You’ll have visions of singing Tryambakam in September.
As you all spread, your teacher wings, 
Continue to fill the world with amazing things. 

The month has been long and short all in one, 
Now we are all sad thinking about being gone. 
Caroline, Hélène, Ely and Kat, 
You’ll have a place in my heart whatever you’re at. 

The end of the story is one of joy, 
Now I’ll bid farewell before we all cry. 
There is just one thing left, for me to do, 
It’s to wish you each good luck as you continue to teach - woohoo!

My love to all at yoga beach house, thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of this incredible experience. 
— Louise

Bravo! Thank you Louise xox

louise teaching yoga on teacher training in france.JPG