Am I good enough?

It is normal to feel inadequate. When faced with the thought, "Am I good enough?" instead of letting the mind run off at a tangent listing all the things that we are failing in, or all the things that someone else is failing in (because we are masters of judging other people as well as ourselves), when we feel inadequate - pause and take a breath.

Am I good enough?  A question that many of us pose, some of us on a daily basis.  As human beings most of us are naturally self inquisitive and often feel inadequate in one way or another whether that be with regards to our job, our relationships or life in general.   For example, who doesn't want to be good at their chosen profession, or attractive or popular? We all want to be accepted by others and to feel like we belong, self acceptance plays a very important role in our wellbeing. 

You maybe reading this blog and considering doing yoga teacher training here at Yoga Beach House or somewhere else. Are you doubting yourself? Are you thinking you are not good enough? Not advanced enough? Just stop, your passion for yoga and desire to learn and perhaps teach is enough. 

Yoga philosophy itself can help when we start to question ourselves and our abilities.  In yoga we are taught that we are enough and that everything we need to be a content, fulfilled human being is within us.  However it's tapping into that self that sometimes causes problems as we don't know how to access our inner self and realise that we are good enough.

Think about when we practice yoga asanas we take time out of our hectic day and focus on our body, mind and breath becoming one.  We put aside unhelpful thoughts and focus on the postures that we are creating, we recognise that listening to our non-stop mind can be unhelpful and even detrimental, especially during challenging poses when we need our minds to be quiet, we use our breath to focus and centre ourselves.  In the same way we can use this technique during our daily lives.

So take a breath, focus on that pause..... and really listen.

Because it is here that you will find the answer to the question, to the self doubt and fear that we often feel.  And you will find that deep down, in your heart the answer is always yes, you can do it and your are good enough. Once we approach ourselves and others with loving hearts, we are all good enough, and we all belong.