Homemade Dishwasher Tablets

We have been getting so fed up of the dishwasher recently (exciting post huh - but bear with us), every time we used it the dishes came out covered in dried on residue from the tablet, plus it smelt bad, like it was full of chemicals. Hélène a recent teacher training graduate mentioned that we could start making dishwasher tablets at home and organically. She sent us some links and research began. As ever in adapting to lifestyle changes things take time and we began gathering and sourcing the ingredients. Truth is we were still a bit skeptical. We cater for up to 10 people twice a day so we rely on our humble domestic dishwasher to perform and clean well. Even though we were using bio quality tablets from the supermarket they were still full of toxins not to mention expensive, wrapped in annoying plastic that is supposed to disintegrate but never did and bulky to store.

So here we are in the new year with our intentions to reduce unnecessary chemicals and toxins from our daily living and be more conscious about household waste.  We will be sharing our new ways with you when they happen.  So back to the dishwasher! There are many many recipes online and we got very overwhelmed with some of the required ingredients and the processes described  to make the powder that we were in danger of using supermarket tablets forever more. The turning point was discovering DoTerra and the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, an all purpose natural powerful essential oil blend combined with plant-based derivatives that provide a non-toxic and biodegradable way to clean and eliminate odors, so it is safe for loved ones as well as the environment.  The result was brilliant, we were outstanded with the cleanliness, nice smell and sparking glasses. The change is done, accomplished and we are delighted to share with you the recipe and our tips. 

1 cup baking soda
¼ cup citric acid
1 tablespoon doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate
5 drops Grapefruit oil


  1. Put baking soda, citric acid, DoTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, and Grapefruit oil in a mixing bowl. Mix together until the mixture is an even consistency.

  2. Place in ice tray and let sit for four hours. Remove tabs.

  3. Store in an airtight container under the sink.

Tips -

  • You still need to add salt to the dishwasher.

  • Use vinegar in the place of rinse aid to get sparkly clean glasses.

  • Use a silicon ice tray when making the tablets as they are easier to get out.

Enjoy falling in love with your dishwasher again! Hopefully you are not as sad as us and were never in love with your dishwasher in the first place but maybe you'll find some small joy and triumph in reducing your expenditure, carbon footplate and benefit from producing less waste and consuming less unnecessary chemicals. 

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