Homemade Fabric Softener

Who doesn't love fresh smelling bedsheets and towels? We continue with our commitment for 2018 to live ecological and find new ways to do daily activities to reduce exposure to unnecessary chemicals and toxins. We also look to reduce our consumption of plastic bottles and find alternatives that work. We have stopped consuming dishwasher tablets with home made tablets and it is working well. We are trialling various homemade clothes washing options and we will share the results with you soon.  In the meantime we wanted to share the result of a homemade fabric softener that you can recreate easily too. Before this we struggled to find a good non-toxic fabric softener that smells nice. Any shop bought softener comes in plastic bottles and they are expensive.  So here it is a very simple recipe that you can try now using Epsom Salts mixed with essential oil in your wash.  It has made all the difference, so simple, smells so nice and works. Non-toxic and good for the environment.



Add the Epsom salts into a large glass or stainless steel bowl (don't use plastic as the essential oil will bleed in to the plastic and react negatively).  Add the essential oils mindfully and stir well to combine. Store in a glass jar. Use ½ cup for medium to large loads in the wash cycle at any temperature and ¼ cup for small loads.


You can choose which essential oils work for you. If you have any tips, get in touch and we'll add them here. If possible air dry your washing outside.