How Many Litres of Water A Day Should We Drink?

So, how many litres of water a day should we drink? At Yoga Beach House we take hydration very seriously. Did you know that 75% of the population is chronically dehydrated?  Dehydration increases the frequency of headaches, muscle sprains, aches and pains and can lead to serious illness such as kidney disease, digestive issues, depression, and even cancer.  Not surprising considering our bodies are 60% water.

A couple of years ago I read an article about how drinking a litre of water on waking can help prevent or even fight disease in the body. Curious I thought I would try it for myself and see how I felt and I noticed the difference immediately.  The benefits are many -

  • Your are more energised with vitality and feeling less sluggish and sleepy

  • Kickstarts your internal organs and It wakes your body up.

  • You are less hungry and able to practice yoga first thing on an empty stomach without belly grumblings

  • It rehydrates your whole system, you can feel it flushing out the kidneys and liver

  • Your skin becomes clearer and softer over time

  • We suffer less from aches and pains

  • Your digestive system works more efficiently

Here are a couple of tips on how to do it.

  • Use a recycled glass bottle instead of a plastic one, better for the environment and for you too (no carcinogenic toxins)

  • Fill it the night before and put it on your nightstand so that it is there for you when you wake and at room temperature, too cold will shock your system which is not nice for our internal organs.

  • Try to drink it in one go to get the full effect or 2 or 3 goes.

  • Don't eat anything for at least 1 hour after drinking so that you can flush your system out efficiently

  • Some refreshing warm fresh lemon water is nice to replace that tea or coffee craving and give you additional daily detoxing benefits.

  • Remember you might need to go to the toilet more often than usual during the first hour.

  • Keep hydrated throughout the rest of the day, don't just stop after the first litre. Most of us need 3 to 5 litres a day depending on what activities we are doing. Some days the more you drink the more thirsty you are - when this happens your body is becoming more conscious and replacing hunger signs with thirst to signal you to get hydrated. Especially true if you are detoxing from coffee, alcohol, nicotine or a period of over eating, like at Christmas!

  • Get the most of your daily allowance done during the mornings rather than later on. It is more important earlier in the day then later. Hydrating in the evening and before bed can disrupt our sleep and cause those annoying 3 am toilet trips!

  • Hydrate before meals not during or after. During meal times, just sip water or tea and prevent diluting the digestive enzymes from the yummy healthy meals your eating. Hopefully with us at Yoga Beach House.

Happy hydrating!