Ingredients to be a Great Children's Yoga Teacher

Ingredients to be a Great Children's Yoga Teacher


We are eager to welcome Bryony Duckitt to lead the next 95 hour Children's Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Beach House in the Spring. As featured in the Om Yoga Teacher Training Guide 2017 Bryony shares with us her

"Recipe for Success"

with the key ingredients it takes to be a great children's yoga teacher.  

However James got this a little confused and has just returned from the Primeur, Boulangerie and Bio-marché, having failed to grasp the list. Clue, it's not about food! What Bryony is sharing is the qualities needed in a yoga teacher. And just to point out how silly James has been Bryony has even spelt it out -

Y- Yogini/Yogi
O- Openness, organisation, originality
G- Gratitude, generosity, grace
A- Authenticity, acceptance, accessibility

T- Trusting, truthful, tolerant, timekeeping
E- Easy going, engaging, energetic, equal
A- Articulate, agile, amusing, aware
C- Caring, considerate, consistent, calm, confident, centered
H- Humble, happy, healthy, helpful
E- Educated, eloquent, enthusiastic, encouraging
R- Reliable, role model, reasonable, relaxed respectful. 

So what is the method and best tips for a great kids yoga class? 

Teaching yoga to children is not the same as teaching adults. Everything is different. Their physical and emotional needs are very different not to mention their attention span.  Bryony begins with 'be prepared to be unprepared! Let go of your ego and the need to control and simply allow a class to flow. Not all classes will go exactly as planned and this is okay. Children ultimately lead the class.'  Here are some top tips, 

  • Be the role model, be a good example
  • Be on eye level when communicating with the kids
  • Allow freedom of speech, movement and choice yet manage disruption. 
  • Be sensitive to their unique needs and moods from talkative and enthusiastic to shy and withdrawn
  • Provide lots of praise and encouragement
  • Avoid physically re-aligning children
  • Allow them to make mistakes
  • Let them make up their own poses
  • Treat them equally
  • Be joyful and have fun 

Do read the full article on page 14 at Om Yoga here as Bryony offers advice on personal commitments and self care.

Teaching children yoga is unique and a rewarding experience. It is a specialism that requires professionalism and practice gained through adequate training. If you plan to go down this route then it is recommended that you hold a certificate that is validated by a yoga body like Yoga Alliance. This adds creditability to you as teacher and provides confidence to yoga studios, schools and kids clubs that you may end up teaching at. 

Do click to learn more about the Children' Yoga Certificate course at Yoga Beach House. 

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Do you need a positive twist to your life?

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