Insight from Ely - What is so special about Yoga Teacher Training with Rachel Hanberry Yoga


After a couple of years spent practicing yoga in the comfort of my room on YouTube, and later on at a local studio, I wanted more. I started thinking about a yoga teacher training and one day, just out of curiosity, found myself browsing through to see what teacher trainings were available to me. I stumbled upon Rachel Hanberry’s profile and clicked through to the Yoga Beach House website. My search was complete.

..."I felt welcome, looked after, and held"

I was first charmed by the idea that there would be few of us doing the training. I tend to be shy, easily intimidated in big crowds and didn’t want to lose myself among 20+ students; I knew that if I was going to go for it, it would have to be cosy, friendly, human - a bit like how yoga feels to me.

With barely one foot in the Yoga Beach House premises, that’s already how I felt. I felt welcome, looked after, and held. I’d come somewhat prepared, prepared not to be prepared: whatever was going to come my way, it was probably not what I expected.

So what was so special about the space?

Every day was the same but different. From start to finish, every day was a routine of waking up, quiet, meditating, practicing asana, learning, practicing, teaching, eating, then more learning, eating, asana practice, karma yoga, self studying, meditating and back to quiet and deep sleep to the sound of the ocean. Every day felt similar to the previous one, and every single day I learned something about myself: through forgiveness letters, cards, learning to speak up when I taught, karma yoga duties, getting into challenging inversions.

That’s exactly how James and Rachel had planned it to be: the learning curve would be steep, we would be taken outside our comfort zones, we’d have to stay in the fire, to keep learning and practicing, every single day. They’d be there to help us every step of the way, offering hugs, comforting words, ears to listen, eyes to notice and see, resources to read from, food to nourish our bodies and minds. 

...."there to help us every step of the way

Before deciding to do my 200 hour training with Rachel Hanberry Yoga, I had a call with them. Among other things, they shared that what mattered to them was to offer support throughout the whole training, and it was just as important to keep that support ongoing when we left the beach house. 

So what is so special about the training?

The support, the presence. That’s what they gave during the program - that’s what they give now, and I know that’s what they’ll give in the future. They’re there. Through instagram posts, comments, stories and emails. Through phone calls, monthly satsangs and Saturday morning live yoga classes from the beautiful wooden studio in Biscarrosse. Whether you need your weekly practice, inspiration from Rachel’s poetry or grounding advice, a reminder that your ego is playing tricks on you, reading recommendations, James’ silly jokes or advice on how to build your website and brand, a little confidence boost, they’re there.

..."cosy, friendly, human"

And that’s what makes Yoga Beach House so special to me. I hope they can make you feel special too. 

Connect with me if you want to discuss more my experience or read more about the program here

With love - Ely x