Living like a responsible yogi

This new year we set our intention to strengthen our commitment to responsible sustainable living, to seeking out alternative ways of doing day to day things and questioning existing habits. By asking ourselves, is it sustainable? is it biodegradable? can it be recycled? what packaging is involved? is it made responsibly? does it negatively impact our planet? does it negatively impact humans using it? making it or consuming it? This way of living is part of our commitment to living like a yogi  and has been a long process with each initiative making it's way in to our daily lives. As many others have discovered, for it to be sustainable it is not something that you can adopt overnight - it takes month and years. Just as it does learning yoga asanas and yogic philosophy. It requires study, practice and patience.   

We have not shared enough of these initiatives and so this year it is our intention to inspire and share with you. To get your comments and tips so we can do this together.

Perhaps you have stayed on a retreat or training at Yoga Beach House already and want to know how we do something you've. Ask us and we will create a post. Rachel has just shared her new homemade dishwasher tablets for example. Do you want to know how you can recycle better, compost, make your own bread? How to use essential oils? Anything you like just add your comment below or send us a private message.