Practice Gratitude

Sometimes it's difficult to give thanks and practice gratitude for what we have.  Sometimes we just aren't in the right frame of mind to be thankful at all.  However, if we can see past that state of mind, giving thanks for things in life really helps us to see that we are all interconnected in one way or another.  It is a lovely way to stop thinking about ourselves, and start thinking about others who play a positive and helpful role in our lives.  And once you start to think about who you are grateful to within your own life, you realise that you are actually grateful to everyone and everything.

A good way to live gratefully is to think about 10 things each day on waking and before sleeping that you are grateful for.  As you start this exercise you might begin to think about a pleasant event that took place during the day, or the presence of those close to you, friends and family.  However as you begin to delve deeper into this idea of gratitude, you might start to become grateful for more obscure things.  For example you might be grateful towards the post-person that delivered an important letter to you during the day, or someone who smiled at you whilst you were out walking your dog, it can be any manner of things, no matter how small.

As you start to look at the world and events around you with eyes of gratitude, you realise that you can thank everyone and everything for playing a part in your existence here on this planet. And that is where the feeling of true interconnectedness arises.  Every single one of us is connected to each other through an act of gratitude.