12 Rules For Living Like A Yogi

We talk a lot about living like a yogi at Yoga Beach House but do you know what that really means?  It doesn't just mean that we just practice yoga every day, there is a lot more to it. 

Firstly yogis try to live by the rules of yoga set out in Patanjali's Sutras - the yamas and niyamas.

  1. You are non violent to yourself and others

  2. You speak the truth

  3. You don't take from others (this includes their energy)

  4. You don't use more than you need

  5. You are conscious about how you feed your mind

  6. You don't seek to possess things

  7. You are non judgemental

  8. You keep a clean body and mind

  9. You are content with what you have

  10. You practice daily

  11. You study yourself

  12. You celebrate and surrender to a higher consciousness

In practical terms this means that we try to be as mindful as possible in our daily life. Living together during retreats and yoga teacher trainings at Yoga Beach House is all about adopting an attitude of mindfulness with compassion and care for other people.