The Flu Bomb - can you handle it?

The Flu Bomb - can you handle it?

Are you feeling a little under the weather?  Aches and pains?  Symptoms of a cold or flu setting in?  We are so conditioned to reach for traditional cures like paracetamol and other pharmaceutical remedies yet are these things helping our wellbeing long term? A short term pain relief but our kidneys have to process the drugs and perhaps these drugs are prolonging our illnesses? In the last week my normally strong immune system has been under attack by the bugs my little girl is bringing back from school.  We are both sick and here is how I avoided the temptation to reach for the traditional cures and tried an essential oils flu bomb.

I know you might be a bit skeptical, how can essential oils help?  Don't they just smell nice? I was the same, I thought surely I need paracetemol, ibruprofen, give me all the drugs!!  However I had never used theraputic grade oils before, until I tried the flu bomb and saw that it really works!  I've set an intention of introducing essential oils daily into Yoga Beach House since becoming a 'doTerra' wellness advocate and I was amazed at the results of this concoction.  

I started to feel under the weather last week with the familiar aches and pains that signal the onset of flu.  Instead of reaching for the usual medicine I thought I would try the flu bomb that I've seen being talked about on Instagram and wellness blogs.  I took it and it felt as though it got to work straight away! Boom! I continued to take it another 3 times that day.  At one point I almost switched back to my old method of paracetemol because my headache was so bad but I resisted and allowed my body to rest, do nothing and recover. Too often we take pain killers so we can carry on with our daily routine, not allowing our bodies time to recover. So,  I drifted to sleep and woke the next day - my headache had gone, the aches had subsided. Still there but I was on the mend and without the usual drugs! 

This is the method and recipe to follow for the 'doTerra flu bomb' -

  • 2 drops of On Guard Blend
  • 2 drops of Lemon
  • 2 drops of Tea Tree
  • 2 drops of Frankinscence
  • 1 drop of Oregano
  • Spoonful of organic honey

Mix all the oils into the honey and take it internally.  You can also buy veggie caps from doTerra and put the oils into them, as I didn't have them the honey method worked just fine.  It is very important that you make sure you use theraputic grade oils like doTerra.  Remember that this method is a little different to just popping a pill.  You won't get immediate direct pain relief as you would with a painkiller.  Your body is in pain for a reason, you are meant to rest and take it easy so that you can heal. 

The oils will support your immune system which will perhaps reduce the time it takes for you to heal.  When you take a painkiller you fool yourself into thinking you are ok and so you don't give yourself adequate rest, your body also needs to process the toxins from the painkiller out of your system as well as the illness which can increase the time it takes for you to feel better. 

I am so happy that I can support myself and my family with these oils!  If you have any questions or comments do get in touch.

You can join the doterra community and get the flu bomb here

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