The Yoga Beach House Guide to thriving this Christmas!

Are you a Christmas 'Grinch' or do you believe that it should be Christmas every day? As a yogi it can be difficult to find balance when faced with so much excess. Christmas has become such a commercialised holiday, how can you still enjoy it without becoming the 'Grinch'? 

Here are some Yoga Beach House tips to help you survive the holiday season!

  1. What do you want to celebrate this Christmas?  You could choose a theme and stick to it.  For example do you want to focus on "Gratitude" or "Giving to Others" or "Being more Mindful"? 
  2. To avoid the Christmas brainwash stop tuning in to the radio, television and media. They will drive you mad and their only goal is to make you consume more. Do not get sucked in. Create your own music playlists and film lists that are relevant to how you want to celebrate.
  3. Don't get sucked in with early Christmas sales. If you have had your eye on something for a while and it is in the sale then by all means go ahead and save yourself some money but don't go buying things for the sake of buying. Consumption of material goods does not equate to love for someone else or self care for yourself.
  4. Be thoughtful when purchasing gifts for your loved ones. Can you make them something instead of buying it? It's the thought that counts and not the amount of money you spend.
  5. If you are spending time with family remember that you are allowed to set and keep to your boundaries. Make sure you set them before you meet up and then you will be able to be more compassionate to Uncle Bernard who always ends up having one too many and Aunt Mabel who can't understand why you aren't a lawyer in the City. Be conscious of how your family will behave around you, don't have any expectations from them.  Give yourself permission to take time out from them, go into another room or for a walk to recentre yourself. 
  6. Tip, when you are feeling challenged by someone - place your hand on your belly to offer yourself protection from any negative energy, it's a simple yet effective technique to take care of yourself in big groups. 
  7. Create memories with your family, can you start a new tradition this Christmas? Perhaps play a board game with everyone after eating, read a Christmas story each night to your children the week before Christmas Day, go for a family walk, volunteer together at a homeless shelter, give your partner a delicious Christmas Eve massage.
  8. If you have been invited to eat with family or friends and you do not want to partake in the traditional meat feast. Take a vegetarian option dish with you but make enough to share with everyone, that way no-one will be offended and you can eat within your boundaries.  You can do the same with drinks, take some bottles of kombucha for people to try or make a delicious fruit cocktail. Often people are so used to routine that they don't think to try something new, you might help them begin a new healthy habit!
  9. Make your own self care practice a priority, you will need it more than ever around Christmas. 
  10. All you need is love. Remember that Christmas is really all about love, don't lose sight of that during the madness.

Wishing you all a joyous Christmas filled with peace and love.