What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa yoga is a deviation of hatha style of yoga that moves a lot, it's a little bit like a dance as you flow through different postures creating a wonderful sense of freedom and fluidity in the body. At Yoga Beach House, Rachel Hanberry teaches vinyasa core strength yoga which incorporates training the core muscles of the body providing a stronger basis for some of the more challenging yoga postures.

During the class we really warm up the body with nice stretches, balancing poses and core work, flowing through the vinyasa, which means movement in Sanskrit. We then move to more static postures that we hold for longer to really take advantage of all the benefits that can be gained from the positions once your body is nice and warm.  The benefits for each posture are explained so that you understand what your body and is doing and what we are working with.  We then spend time in relaxation allowing your body to enjoy all the wonderful transformations that we created for it during the class, this is when the magic happens, your mind is quieter than when you started the class and you are encouraged to relax into this safe space and let go. 

Year round classes are Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm and a slower flow class is on Saturday mornings at 10am. Check the schedule for updates and to make reservations.