What makes this TTC different from others?

What makes this TTC different from others?

You love yoga, and have experienced the calling to take your practice further and teach, but faced with the increasing number of teacher training certificate (TTC) programs you don't know which one to choose. Here are a few reasons why my TTC at Yoga Beach House is different.

We are Unique 

At Yoga Beach House we have created a TTC that can only be described as unique. Taking place over an intensive month of training you live with me and my husband James (who is also a yoga teacher) as we impart all our yogic knowledge to you enabling you to transcend your past, let go of your ego and live in your present so that you can teach others to do the same with humility, integrity and compassion. 

Not a pop up shop!

For us yoga really is a way of life. It's not something we pick up when we are on the mat or on our way to the studio or showing off on instagram. We strive to live a yogic lifestyle every minute of every day. As such we have opened our family home, we have become a registered yoga school acredited by the Yoga Alliance and dedicated our lives to helping others to share the love that is yoga. 

Onsite Studio and Community Classes 

Our home is designed with yoga in mind, we have an 80 square metre on site yoga studio, fully equipped with props and mats from Manduka. We practice with our community members enabling you to observe members of the public, (i.e. real people and not other yoga teachers!) from day one. During your training you also get to teach a full one hour class of your creation to this community.  

Connected to Source 

At Yoga Beach House we are surrounded by the beauty of the Atlantic coast and practice yoga on the beach, swim daily in the sea at sunset and meditate to the sound of the waves.  All these practices are designed to bring you more in touch with your true self and your intuition. 

Smaller is Sweeter

As we welcome you to live with us in our family home we keep the number of teacher trainees to a maximum of 8 during any TTC. You have ample living space and more importantly plenty of one to one interaction with me and James and our guest teachers. Workshops take the form of intimate discussions as we share philosophies and ideas together. You are taken care of from day one and have the opportunity to become part of my yoga family. 

Integrity, Compassion and Humility

When I completed my first teacher training with Swami Kalisananda at the Sivananda Ashram she bowed reverently to all her students with the greatest of humility. This had a huge impact on me, this amazing woman whom I respect and love was bowing with humility to little old me. In that moment I understood what it meant to act with humility, with integrity and compassion. These three qualities remain the cornerstones of the Yoga Beach House TTC. 

Not just a regular TTC 

Apart from my trainings with other yoga teachers I have spent most of my life working on myself, from my degree in Psychology to life coaching with Elena Brower. James and I have both completed the Landmark Forum and Advanced Courses. This makes my TTC so transformational and much more than a regular TTC. You will be given techniques to really make shifts in your life and start living your dreams. 

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