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8 ways to mindful ways to reduces plastic in your daily life.

Walking on the beach the other day we were really shocked at the amount of plastic that was washed up by the ocean.  It wasn't just plastic bottles but all sorts of plastic from dustbins to plastic shoes to balls.  The most worrying thing was the tiny little pieces of plastic that littered the beach, hundreds and hundreds of small pieces that fish ingest and subsequently it makes it's way into the food chain. 

Homemade Fabric Softener

We wanted to share the result of a homemade fabric softener that you can recreate easily too. Before this we struggled to find a good non toxic fabric softener that smells nice and still they came in plastic bottles and were expensive.  So here it is a very simple recipe here that you can try now using

Homemade Dishwasher Tablets

We have been getting so fed up of the dishwasher recently (exciting post huh - but bear with us), every time we used it the dishes came out covered in dried on residue from the tablet, plus it smelt bad, like it was full of chemicals. Hélène a recent teacher training graduate mentioned that we could start making dishwasher tablets at home and organically.

Introducing Essential Oils

We have used essential oils for many years now. Yet this year we have made an intention to go deeper and really invest in quality oils and study how they can be used best and what for. To see how they can be an integral part of everyday life, not just a drop of lavender oil in the bath

How Many Litres of Water A Day Should We Drink?

Did you know that 75% of the population is chronically dehydrated?  A couple of years ago I read an article about how drinking a litre of water on waking can help prevent or even fight disease in the body. Curious I thought I would try it for myself and see how I felt and I noticed the difference immediately.  The benefits are many - 

12 Rules For Living Like A Yogi

We talk a lot about living like a yogi at Yoga Beach House but do you know what that really means?  It doesn't just mean that we just practice yoga every day, there is a lot more to it. Firstly we try to live by the rules of yoga set out in Patanjali's Sutras - the yamas and niyamas.

    6 yoga poses to help runners

    Yoga is great for runners and many people get in to yoga through running. The physical stretching asanas is a great for conditioning the body. So here are a few tips to help with things like tight hamstrings and hips you so that you can become a stronger and more mindful runner.  

    Why choose a Vegetarian Diet?

    Many yogis are vegetarians but have you ever stopped to think why? Yogis choose the most natural way to eat. The sun, air, water and earth all combine to produce the fruits of the earth - vegetables, fruits, seeds, legumes and nuts and the goodness that we gain from these foods is second to none. By contrast, the goodness we obtain from eating meat, fish or poultry comes at the expense of something else,

    Practice Gratitude

    A good way to live gratefully is to think about 10 things each day on waking and before sleeping that you are grateful for.  As you start this exercise you might begin to think about a pleasant event that took place during the day, or the presence of those close to you, friends and family.  However as you begin to delve deeper into this idea of gratitude, you might start to become grateful for more obscure things.