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Yoga isn't regulated so can anyone can teach yoga without having a qualification?

What about the large numbers of non qualified teachers who are operating within the industry whose main goal is to make money.  These people are filling opportunities that could be given to qualified teachers who have invested their time and energy into their training. It is our responsibility as yogis and yoga teachers to protect the yoga industry. The practice of teaching yoga is not to be taken lightly. As teachers we are responsible for holding space for another human, this can only be done effectively with deep knowledge of the practice of yoga because...

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East versus West - Yoga Teacher Training

You are researching your 200hr yoga teacher training and can't decide whether you want to train in the East or the West? Perhaps you are thinking of going to the home country of yoga in India, perhaps Bali or South East Asia? Is combining travel, yoga and teacher training too much of an adventure and risk?  Before you commit to a program here is our guide to trainings in the East vs the West to help you consider both options -

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    5 ways to develop more abundance during Yoga Teacher Training

    Abundance means to have a copious amount of something; plentifulness.  We all like to think that we live abundant lives but what if I told you that most of us are far from abundant. That actually we live in a state of lack, being unworthy, saving for a rainy day, holding back. Not realising that when we give we receive. So let us look at ways to develop more abundance and we do that during our Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga Beach House. 

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    Am I good enough?

    It is normal to feel inadequate. When faced with the thought, "Am I good enough?" instead of letting the mind run off at a tangent listing all the things that we are failing in, or all the things that someone else is failing in (because we are masters of judging other people as well as ourselves). When we feel inadequate - pause and take a breath.Am I good enough? 

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