Testimonials of Yoga Beach House

“A rich + complete program transmitted with great love. I became a yoga teacher in a privileged setting. I learned a lot more than I could have imagined. I am grateful, thank you”

“Rachel distributes a rich and complete teaching of Yoga that she transmits with great love. With her husband James, they welcomed, me and six other participants (and not 100), at Yoga Beach House in Biscarrosse in their big house near the ocean with the adjoining studio for a complete immersion in the respect of the mode of Yogic. To summarize, I am a yoga teacher in a privileged setting where love is solidarity and respect for the key words and where the teaching is as intense as effective. I learned a lot more than I could have imagined and feel like part of their community. A community in which I put my lessons into practice and who I was able to teach during the training. I would be eternally grateful to them. Rachel, James thank you. Namasté”

— Gwendoline, France